Sunday, January 14, 2018

Another Product Made Using my Free Pineapple Stencil

In between studio work, I often let loose through creating something for our home, or exploring a new medium–yesterday it was carving my own rubber stamps. A few year's back, I opted to stencil a pineapple on our front stoop, the pineapple being the symbol of colonial hospitality, and we live in a house built circa 1664.

But trying to find a plain pineapple stencil proved more difficult than I assumed. I thought I would draw one myself, but at the last minute found one online that was under public domain. The only problem, it needed visual help. So I re-inked some areas, scanned it in and cleaned up the rest in Photoshop.

I've been fortunate that some of my readers have shared their pineapple stencil creations with me and you can find the result here:

Yesterday reader RaeAnn emailed me her creation, a hand-stenciled glass vase. Beautiful! Don't you think? I still offer this stencil for free as it's not an entirely original creation of mine. As you can see, RaeAnn stenciled initials on top.

Over the years this stencil has been used for a Taiwan ballet company performing in San Francisco, a pillow case cover, a copper decoration for a garden gate, two teachers have used it for a classroom project too.

If you use this stencil, please email me a picture and I will add it to my blog.

Happy decor-creating!

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