Thursday, January 4, 2018

Starting the 2018 New Year off with Handpainted Whimsical Snow People!

Whimsical Folk Snowman Decor
I started the 2018 New Year with a concerted effort to focus on my second ETSY shop ( Many vague issues kept me from completing half finished art and starting new work. But a visit to two talented friends (Carla:  and Robin: to share and receive feedback was just the adrenaline I needed to walk into my studio and stay put. Due to a blizzard that's pounding us here in Connecticut, I created two snow people. I've always loved the snowman icon seen in so many sketches, paintings and other forms on ETSY, seeing how illustrators interpret such a simple design yet make it their own fascinates me. I especially love the style of early German spun cotton ornaments with their grinning characters and find myself adding toothy grins onto my own character art. Both of these snow people are available for purchase, and the clothespin figure is already listed here;

Thank you for looking! Stay warm folks!



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