Monday, February 12, 2018

My Napkin Draw Submissions for Doodlers Anonymous–Vote for Me?

My 2018 submission to Doodler's Anonymous Napkin Draw
Back in 2010 I entered Doodler's Anonymous' quirky challenge, to draw on a napkin and submit it to their site to have others vote on their favorite. I was pleasantly surprised when my entry then was highlighted in their Call to Artists to submit for their 2018 Napkin Draw Challenge.

I sometimes doodle on napkins when waiting for our order in restaurants. Back in 2010 I did so and found out the waitress saved the napkin and posted it on their community bulletin board next to postcards of work by local area artists. I wonder if it's still there.

I revisited the challenge this year and if you're not terribly busy, would you vote for my entry of a clumsy bear trying to draw on a cheap napkin? Shown here in this blog post The doodler with the most votes will win a gift card–and that will go to more Art Supplies and maybe some napkins, naturally.

Thank you for your time:

And my 2010 Napkin Draw submission in 2010:

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

My #100DayProject Commitment So Far

Last year I failed the #100DayProject, I thought up a project without thinking it through, my lofty goal was to create something ready to shoot with a camera and post on social media and this blog. Time management isn't my forté, I never seem to have a realistic idea on how long a task will take me. Because of this, everything seems so easy to accomplish in my head, but once it materializes on the drawing board, reality hits.

This year I decided not to assume I can produce a piece of art everyday, as long as I was working on finishing a piece and sharing the Work In Progress to finish, than this would suit my time management issue nicely. And thus my goal was to start finishing half started, half-finished projects that were taking over my studio space. And the goal was to work on pieces for my second ETSY shop, SuzanneUrbanArt the shop that I've neglected for so long.
So far, I've been able to consistently put one foot in front of the other and sit and paint, draw, glue, finish and post the varying stages. The picture to the left is the crowd of whimsical beings thus ready to live in a new home.

Monday, February 5, 2018

Reformed People Pleaser? I hear Ya and Have a New Magnet for You!

I feel the environment I was raised in decidedly turned me into a chronic people pleaser. And the habit's been hard to break. As a young adult I over-offered, did too much and pretty much became a welcome mat for some.

I still have moments that propel me into over-pleasedom to get the endorphins moving so I feel okay with myself and not anxious that someone out there isn't entirely satisfied with me. This over-pleasing neurosis surfaced mostly in work environments. Luckily, the exhaustion from trying to keep in everyone's graces or rather my faulted perception that I needed to over do in order to feel okay with the world became my reality check. So now an inner dialog kicks in and asks, are you seeking approval Suzanne? or genuinely doing or saying this because you want to? This helps.

This magnet is for all ye people pleasers who. need to a funny reminder that you're enough just as you are. It's available here:

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Googly Eyes and Fun Stationery Pack for the Kids, The Art of Handwritten Notes Need not Disappear

Most of the work I create in my two ETSY shops is for women and men. But every once in awhile, I come up with a product sure meant for a kid, or the kid in you. I had a pack of googly eyes all colors and sizes in my stash, and VistaPrint had a postcard sale. Having drawn this snailmail character  a lot, I even licensed a line of snailmail illustrations to a rubberstamp company over a decade ago when the internet hit the scene, I decided to revisit him. I not only love to wordsmith, but I love to visually wordsmith too. The vintage stamps are collaged on digitally just for fun.

This fun postcard comes with a pack of three crayons for child to color him, write a note on the back, tuck in corresponding envelope and mail out to a friend. Fun project for the easily bored on rainy/snowy days.

The art of a handwritten note need not disappear in this age of Texting and emailing.

To purchase:
SnailMail Postcards

Friday, January 19, 2018

My First Funny Fridge Magnet Design of 2018

I've wanted to create this magnet since I thought it up in December. The inspiration came from a Psychology Today article, more for the term rather than the nature of the article.

I and my husband wear our hearts on our sleeve when something or somebody  irritates us, and that heart can travel up to our tongue to spew a passionate response; yet said sentiment is best kept zipped up.

This funny magnet is a hint on how to release some stress in the wake of dealing with idiocy, or with a plain idiot.

Rolling your eyes in private works too, for me, a real stress reliever, I highly recommend the exercise and hope in the future a new form of Yoga can be birthed to include eye rolling, and it shall be called 'HathaSumSanity' Yoga.

And this new Yoga will include tongue sticking out poses too. Growing up in a house too close to a difficult neighbor, my mother once admitted when she pulled down the shade of the window that faced this neighbor each night, she'd stick her tongue out. No one knew but us. This was her way of releasing the stress from harboring words best left unsaid. 

To purchase this 2.25" magnet or pinback or view my other funny stuff, click here to virtually travel to my ETSY shop:

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Sunday, January 14, 2018

Another Product Made Using my Free Pineapple Stencil

In between studio work, I often let loose through creating something for our home, or exploring a new medium–yesterday it was carving my own rubber stamps. A few year's back, I opted to stencil a pineapple on our front stoop, the pineapple being the symbol of colonial hospitality, and we live in a house built circa 1664.

But trying to find a plain pineapple stencil proved more difficult than I assumed. I thought I would draw one myself, but at the last minute found one online that was under public domain. The only problem, it needed visual help. So I re-inked some areas, scanned it in and cleaned up the rest in Photoshop.

I've been fortunate that some of my readers have shared their pineapple stencil creations with me and you can find the result here:

Yesterday reader RaeAnn emailed me her creation, a hand-stenciled glass vase. Beautiful! Don't you think? I still offer this stencil for free as it's not an entirely original creation of mine. As you can see, RaeAnn stenciled initials on top.

Over the years this stencil has been used for a Taiwan ballet company performing in San Francisco, a pillow case cover, a copper decoration for a garden gate, two teachers have used it for a classroom project too.

If you use this stencil, please email me a picture and I will add it to my blog.

Happy decor-creating!

Warmest regards,


Thursday, January 4, 2018

Starting the 2018 New Year off with Handpainted Whimsical Snow People!

I started the 2018 New Year with a concerted effort to focus on my second ETSY shop ( Many vague issues kept me from completing half finished art and starting new work. But a visit to two talented friends (Carla:  and Robin: to share and receive feedback was just the adrenaline I needed to walk into my studio and stay put. Due to a blizzard that's pounding us here in Connecticut, I created two snow people. I've always loved the snowman icon seen in so many sketches, paintings and other forms on ETSY, seeing how illustrators interpret such a simple design yet make it their own fascinates me. I especially love the style of early German spun cotton ornaments with their grinning characters and find myself adding toothy grins onto my own character art. Both of these snow people are available for purchase, and the clothespin figure is already listed here;

Thank you for looking! Stay warm folks!