Thursday, December 1, 2016

How I Made Shutter Snowman

I am in the beta test group of a new APP called ETSYRANK, it's been one of the most helpful APPS I've tried The The developer of the APP invited me to write a post on the ETSYRANK blog, and so I offered up how I made a Shutter Snowman for our outdoor Holiday decor this year. Read about my creative endeavor and how I made it here:My Shutter Snowman

For those of you interested in creating a Shutter Snowman of your own, I created a Pinterest Board full of Holiday and Garden Shutter creations, if you decide to make one, by all means post to the board: Shutter Snowmen + Angels

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Funny Stocking Stuffers are Available Now!

My funny magnets and pinbacks can be found in my ETSY shop: SmirkingGoddess, but now as of today they are available on my Facebook business page and right here on my website! Stay tuned for product updates and specials, and in the meantime, enjoy shopping for some hilarious stocking stuffers and small giftables right here! Click on the tab to shop my Funny Magnets and Pinbacks! Enjoy! Happy Holidays! Suzanne U.

Another #Inktober2016 Sketch

I haven't been following Jake Parker's prompts for #Inktober2016 lately. Prompts can definitely help one to stretch their drawing skills, but at other times, the theme just doesn't jive with me. So I'm now working on sketches straight from my head. My inktober sketches are quick, I often leave the pencil marks underneath, and then post to Instagram. I'm selecting this way of working rapidly to keep myself from mentally criticizing my initial drawing attempts, to loosen up and allow myself to just do and not overthink. This is helpful to me as it allows me to explore more things to sketch without fear of turning out something really lame. The result may indeed be clumsy, but as I continue on this path, my hand/eye coordination will strengthen. I plan to continue along this path of making myself sketch with abandon rather than sticking with something more comfortable to draw.
So in the end it's a happy medium, staying the course continuing to strengthen my personal style, but breaking out and sketching something new to increase my visual vocabulary.

As far as visual vocabulary goes, I've noticed there are illustrators who stick with the same theme, this isn't a bad thing, as they're specializing, but when you see one or more illustrators drawing the same things over and over, one can get lost in the crowd. My dream is to continue to explore new things to draw without feeling that initial cringe of my hyper-critical-inner-voice, (the one that holds every creative back) and to continue to do this until I feel comfortable, all the while keeping the sketch consistent with my style.

To view what other artists are posting for the #Inktober2016 Challenge on Instagram, click here:

Monday, October 24, 2016

What's New? A Fresh Batch of Tesla Magnets/Pinbacks

I design and make  fun pinbacks and magnets for my husband and his partner's Vintage Hi-Fi Museum in West Hartford, CT. Proceeds of the sale of my vintage electronic related magnets go towards the management of this non-profit. The Tesla magnet that also comes in pinback form is a popular item in the museum but can also be purchased in our museum's ETSY shop: RetroUrban.

The Museum is housed in a large old industrial building at 485 New Park Avenue in West Hartford, CT. Come visit us and you will also delight in all the other vintage inspired small businesses, as well as a bakery, meditation center and more!

Shops are open Mon-Sat. There will be extended hours over the holiday season. The vintage Hi-Fi Museum hours are Weds. 11-2 and Sat. 10-3pm, we also sell vinyl in the Museum Gift Shop!

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

#inktober Challenge Day Nine

This is Day #9 of my #inktober challenge following Jake Parker's prompt: "Jump". I want to spend more time on developing an inking style from this day forward, I'd actually like to see more white space in my illustrations and instead of cross-hatching, using a brush to indicate shadow and form. I'd prefer a softer look in my illustrations. This frog is fine for sketchbook drawings, but I want to develop a clear rendering style.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

#Inktober Joining in on the 2016 Challenge

Talented illustrator Jake Parker has quite a following, and no wonder, he has a knack for breaking down and sharing information with students on how to hone their drawing skills. His blog on Tumblr is fun if not mesmerizing. Always one to challenge himself, in 2009 Jake conjured up a self-challenge, aptly named INKTOBER, since the idea manifested in October. The challenge was to better his inking skills by daily posting a freshly inked drawing. The challenge caught on and now, students and professionals alike join in and tag their work: #Inktober on social media. Jake offers prompts if the artist wants to use one of his suggestions to illustrate-(see below 2016 Inktober prompts).

I joined in just three days ago on this challenge, above are my submissions. Inking is hard for me, I actually prefer my drawings prior to inking. My goal? to show light and shadow better in my inking, and also not to be afraid of leaving white space, i.e. not to get so heavy handed. Search #inktober on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr to see what exciting work is being posted, and join in!

Below is Jake's List of 2016 Inktober prompts
To learn more about this challenge:

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Getting Ready for Christmas on ETSY

Etsy-Illustrator-Suzanne-Urban-Art-on Etsy-Cat-Illustration
Cat Illustration Woodburned on Wood Panel ©SuzanneUrbanArt
This holiday season I am bravely adding more of my illustrated work to my second ETSY shop: SuzanneUrbanArt.

This gallery shop has long been ignored as I have a large busy first shop featuring my funny magnets and pinbacks: SmirkingGoddess

Every artist hopes that their work will find favor and speak to them personally. My work serves to uplift one's walls, add a little sophisticated wit and fun. To the left is one of my wood-burned on wood panel illustrations. I hope the buyer enjoys it as much as I had fun creating it.