Fun Projects just for YOU

I like to creatively putter though my schedule doesn't allow for it much, it suits my temperament and meandering Gemini mind. Below (scroll down for PDF) I offer you all a free stencil I created from a raw image I found online-(don't worry it was common domain). And as things would have it, some interesting people found my blog and used it in surprisingly beautiful ways. I will offer other fun stuff here in the future.

Free Americana Pineapple Stencil (scroll down for PDF) that you saw on last year's blog post. Enjoy and share pictures with me!

See original blog post on how I used this stencil:

And here's what one reader did with this stencil:

And another reader:
Just this past week I received an inquiry from the owner of a dance troop in Taiwan who asked to use the pineapple stencil as a basis for his troupe's logo. Given as I found the generic, royalty and domain free online-I do take copyright license seriously-I said sure, but to advise that he use the design as a take off point, and not just copy. Here is his troupe's logo:

I believe for PC users you can click on the image and right click to download.

For apple users try to drag over onto to your computer desktop.

I cleaned up the stencil a bit in photoshop, Your xacto knife will give any ragged edges a smooth edge when cutting out. Print out on card stock, laminate (so stencil can be used again and if cardstock is flimsy this will strengthen it), then cut out black shapes. This is a 150dpi PNG file. This pineapple is approx. 3"x6" in size.