Friday, January 19, 2018

My First Funny Fridge Magnet Design of 2018

I've wanted to create this magnet since I thought it up in December. The inspiration came from a Psychology Today article, more for the term rather than the nature of the article.

I and my husband wear our hearts on our sleeve when something or somebody  irritates us, and that heart can travel up to our tongue to spew a passionate response; yet said sentiment is best kept zipped up.

This funny magnet is a hint on how to release some stress in the wake of dealing with idiocy, or with a plain idiot.

Rolling your eyes in private works too, for me, a real stress reliever, I highly recommend the exercise and hope in the future a new form of Yoga can be birthed to include eye rolling, and it shall be called 'HathaSumSanity' Yoga.

And this new Yoga will include tongue sticking out poses too. Growing up in a house too close to a difficult neighbor, my mother once admitted when she pulled down the shade of the window that faced this neighbor each night, she'd stick her tongue out. No one knew but us. This was her way of releasing the stress from harboring words best left unsaid. 

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