Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Update on my Popcorn Container Planter and Hightop Planter

My tutorial on how I made this planter is on this blog here:
Make a Popcorn Container Planter

As a kid I always thought yellow and white Snapdragons looked like Popcorn, so my next conclusion upon stumbling upon a popcorn container at a tagsale was to turn it into a container. The Snapdragons have bloomed and thus here is the complete visual.

Also last year I dug through a box of tagsale leftovers up the street from where we live, because you'll never know what treasures you'll find. I found a pair of brown converse sneakers and promptly turned them into a planter. I treated them like the rainboot planters I had made, drilled holes in bottom, put rocks in for drainage then potting soil and added some Moss Roses. Unfortunately the Moss Roses didn't fare well, the water drained out too fast. So this year I tried something else, I DIDN'T drill drain holes in the beautiful hightop olive green sneakers I got at Savers for a song–(hint if you donate stuff they give you a 20% coupon to immediately use in the store), I even forgot to put some peastone in for drainage, but did use Potting Soil and placed in a partial shade area. I stuck my favorite groundcover in, Angelina. When I realized my omission I figured I would have to scoop everything out, put in the pebbles and re-plant. Not so, Angelina and shoes are doing fine. I'd wanted to dye the shoelaces with tea or Tumeric, but well. . .next time.

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