Monday, May 6, 2019

Turn a Plastic Popcorn Container into a Planter!

Last year I snagged one of those plastic Popcorn containers at a tagsale because the price of 50¢ fit my budget and I support the shop local theory. Since I always thought yellow Snapdragons looks like the kind of buttery Popcorn you can buy at a movie theatre, the idea of converting a Popcorn Container into a Yellow Snapdragon-bearing planter sprung to mind. So this year, I picked up some Antirrhinum Majus a.k.a. as Dog's Mouth, Lion's Mouth, Toad's Mouth or just plain ole' Snapdragons. I found a six-pack of flowers at a quaint little market here in Connecticut owned by Vinnie who plays Dean Martin tapes on an old boombox while you shop. So this Summer, on our outdoor patio table, this popcorn 'planter' pictured below will look like buttery yellow kernels are freshly popping forth from the container.

Here's the simple instructions on how to make your own Popcorn planter.

1. One plastic Popcorn Container can be purchased here: '
Popcorn Container
2. Drill with small drill bit
3. Large rock approx. 3" width to weigh box down so container doesn't blow off table on a windy day.
4. Pea Stone for drainage
5. Potting Soil-do not make the mistake of using Top Soil! Potting Soil offers the best drainage for planters of any size and shape.
6. Six Pack of Yellow Snapdragons. I chose "Snaptastic Yellow" they will grow to be approx 14" in height, so I planted them further down in the container. You will only need one plant per container, or two if Dwarf variety. If you can't find a plant, consider purchasing seeds, just place seeds in Potting Soil in container, and lightly water until they sprout. Thin out seedlings to make room for the more robust seedlings, again one-to-two  plants in the container.


• Drill two holes in bottom of container if your Drill bit is small, if larger the size of a dime, drill one
• Put big rock in bottom of container, then add Peastone
• Pour in Potting Soil leaving room to press Snap Dragons down into the soil
• Add a little more soil to fill in around the SnapDragons and Voila! You're done. Be sure to keep soil moist.

This would make a whimsical summer party gift for the host or hostess don't you think?

  • There are both annual and perennial Snapdragon plants, although some of the perennials are commonly grown as annual plants.
  • Snapdragons typically grow best in full sun with damp soil, but can take partial sun
  • Snapdragons grow to be a height of 6 to 18 inches, depending on whether they are dwarf, medium or tall varieties.
  • Snapdragons generally bloom Summer to Fall
  • Snapdragons colors range from green, red, orange, yellow, white and pink, among others
  • Snapdragons prefer moist soil and full sun, they also do well in cooler tempsl deadheading will aid to their growth and re-blooming and they will gift you with color for some time! 
  • Snapdragons do re-seed but in cold winter climates they may not come back and should be treated as annuals, some varieties are considere perennials and next Spring, if they pop up they might be a different color than their first year!
According to Language of Flowers the Snapdragon symbolizesDeception-yikes! Really? But also it also means 'Gracious Lady' and that's what I will stick with.

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