Monday, June 10, 2019

My Newest "Garden Props" Adding Whimsy, Texture, Uniqueness to my Landscape and Yours

Glass Plate flowers by Suzanne Urban
I create #GardenDecor from #upcycled items. I am an artist who started handcrafting this work to avoid adding to the landfill. I also found myself growing weary of investing in plants that only showcased their beauty in a few short months, or failed to produce blooms or worse some plants just don't fare well no matter how much you baby them. Sometimes I just needed a pop of texture, or color or height but didn't find a shrub or flower that worked in our shady yard with acid soil. I wanted to break up space with something unique and I wearied of the constant back-aching digging and usage of water, my solution was to utilize my artistic roots and after a Pinterest visit, my imagination took off. I'm not the first to create glass plate flowers, but I am the first to offer a workshop on making them here in Windsor Connecticut–Stay tuned!

#Nutmeggers interested in my garden art, please contact me at:
I'll also gladly offer any gardening tips if you have questions!

My work was recently featured at Red Bee Honey homestead in Weston CT, proprietor C. Marina Marchese is a fellow artist friend who fell into the beekeeping business twenty years ago and since then she's built up her business with her own two hands and now with her remarkable boyfriend Vic, they manage  honey tastings, talks and sell honey products that are favored by specialty shops and chefs everywhere.

We both think Connecticut offers some special makers, artists and artisans in this small state and I am proud be a part of this growing clan.
Birdcage with cold hardy Hens and Chicks
Handcrafted Cement hand with vintage Mug planter

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