Saturday, April 13, 2019

New Funny "Easter Bunny" Magnet from Smirking Goddess™ Studio on ETSY

Before my husband and I owned House Rabbits, we didn't know that these furry companion-pets thumped when they sensed danger, or as discovered in our house, when annoyed. We also didn't know they performed high hops, the correct term "binks" under the influence of a full moon.

We didn't know that their digestive system looks like that of a horse or elephant, or that they could be litter-boxed trained, that too much lettuce could kill them and Alfafa Grass should only be served to "kittens' i.e. baby rabbits, too much protein in the mix for older ones.

We didn't know squat.

Pet rabbits fare better as indoor pets, but unfortunately many are relegated to a cold hutch where water bottles can freeze in the winter denying them water, and the outdoor pen makes them vulnerable to roving predators.

Every Easter live rabbits are purchased by ignorant people as a gift to some child's basket, later if the bunny survives, it will be dumped at a shelter or simply freed outdoors. This teaches a child that small pet animals can be treated like disposable stuff toys don't you think?

Nibbleface and Puma New Zealand Rabbits
Bunnies also chew electrical chord as I found out with Potter, my first rabbit I found hiding under a boat in a driveway. But they also serve as an alternative pet for children with allergies, can live to ten years and might be a better solution for those on a tighter budget. They still need to be neutered or spayed, and fed properly-Timothy hay and non-surgary veggies like brussel spouts, in short, they need care as these beautiful whimsically inspiring animals can live for a decade. And our last two did.

This magnet is a heartfelt nod to Potter, Pinky, Puma and Nibbleface, four beautiful animals who graced our lives, inspired my art and who's facebook pics found favor with many. In reverence to their memory, I implore all Easter shoppers to steer clear of buying a live rabbit if there's no intention of humane care. Instead, consider celebrating the Easter Bunny with donations to a local rabbit rescue, or online to the House Rabbit Society.

Now Thumper would bink to that.

This magnet (or pinback) is available for purchase here: SmirkingGoddessStudio

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Happy Easter to all! Thank you for stopping by.

Suzanne U

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