Thursday, April 11, 2019

Bring Back Snail Mail A Funny Fridge Magnet that Packs a Powerful Message

smirking goddess funny typewriter magnet
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I send holiday e-cards to friends and family. Hopefully, this gesture made their day and let them know I'm thinking of them. But when it comes to Sympathy Cards I go the Snail Mail route, I mean let's get real about sensitivity and decorum, and may sending solemn cards of THAT nature to be few and so, SO far between. Thank you and Get Well cards are a toss up depending on the circumstance.

But (as my magnet to the left suggests), in this day and age of digital communication, I wonder how many are weary of this emoji-addicted generation. Are Grandmothers receiving a thumbs up icon on their Facebook page as a Thank You for a gift from grandkids? Are caring people receiving a heartfelt written-Thank You for graciously offering their solicited expertise or a typed referral for a job? And are we, the gracious ones perceived as having a bee up our butts for feeling more than a little peeved when our invested money or time is dismissed with a cartoon icon? Or worse, silence?

One can't always expect a handwritten note, especially from those on a tight budget (like taxes, the price of stamps goes up and up and then finding that RIGHT card, oy! And add to that conundrum a stressful, cramped schedule.  I've written heartfelt emails due to the latter, and timely communication is a relief factor that I've quickly let the other party know they matter. But this past week my husband and I received a lovely handwritten Thank You note from my former college roommate, with a gift to boot. I forgot how far more emotionally connecting it feels to receive a nice snail mail note over a digital one. In fact. it felt, more–well, REAL. I heard her voice, as my eyes swept across her neat catholic school-trained cursive. I wondered what she was doing at that very moment, did she get a chance to plant the Sweet Potato Vine in the teal ceramic planter I gave her? Will she be able to stream the new PBS mystery series Shakespeare and Hathaway that my husband and I told her about on her laptop? I never experience mental musings like this when reading emails.

Regarding emails, have you been at that end of NOT even receiving a cartoon icon? Admittedly it stings, granted there's the SPAM folder blocker, or the non-communicator is dealing with an emergency. But as time wears on, a non-response offers me the impression that the offender has a misperceived image of themselves, is their station in life so elevated that it pardons them simple etiquette? I think not.

In the end, a pardon of sorts, IS issued and not in writing. As a friend of mine once brought up the old adage with someone that she's reach out twice to– "If you ignore someone long enough, THEY WILL GO AWAY",  happily her spot-on comment to the directed person derived results. But be ye forewarned oh habitual non-communicator as eventually you'll be pardoned indefinitely as we get up, set our sites elsewhere and  simply go away. And for those thankless Grandkids? Maybe next time Nana will send you a beautifully wrapped gift of underwear with a follow up text sporting the thumbs up.

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Thank you.

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