Monday, February 5, 2018

Reformed People Pleaser? I hear Ya and Have a New Magnet for You!

Stocking Stuffer
I feel the environment I was raised in decidedly turned me into a chronic people pleaser. And the habit's been hard to break. As a young adult I over-offered, did too much and pretty much became a welcome mat for some.

I still have moments that propel me into over-pleasedom to get the endorphins moving so I feel okay with myself and not anxious that someone out there isn't entirely satisfied with me. This over-pleasing neurosis surfaced mostly in work environments. Luckily, the exhaustion from trying to keep in everyone's graces or rather my faulted perception that I needed to over do in order to feel okay with the world became my reality check. So now an inner dialog kicks in and asks, are you seeking approval Suzanne? or genuinely doing or saying this because you want to? This helps.

This magnet is for all ye people pleasers who. need to a funny reminder that you're enough just as you are. It's available here:

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