Friday, May 5, 2017

Day 31 #100DayProject- Indoor Recess Today

Moving Indoors for My #100DayProject

Perform one simple task a day to assist me in becoming more creatively productive and consistent in my studio. All tasks can be followed with a reward to encourage consistency.


Still jumpy from the Prednisone for Poison Ivy and switch to working indoors didn't help. Every little sound makes me jump today, especially resident kitty's whining for food.

I worked in an elementary school until 2014. On dicey weather days we secretaries approached the Principal for confirmation of recess indoors or out. On really bad weather days I tried to get a laugh out of him by asking: "Indoor Recess?" when there was no alternative but that.

During winter, with extended periods of indoor recess, the kids would drive the teachers nuts. Kids need to channel their relentless youthful energy, and recess is the ticket, if that flow is stopped it spells out into the classroom as boisterous activity increases. It could be my free spirit artist side, my Gemini nature, or my ADD issue, but when I feel confined, I get overly restless like a classroom of pent up kids. This makes it hard for me to settle in and focus.

Since my Attention Deficit makes transitioning hard for me, and today was no exception. I tried to come up with a small task to jump start a studio project. Mentally my mind was tugging backwards to gardening as I stared out the window, I  wanted to go outside and do some reward work instead. Reward work won out as I bit the bullet and planted some marigolds in heavy rain. I couldn't settle in to paint, or draw, but instead worked on some administrative tasks, I've always found left-brained work easier to settle into than more creative right brain work. I don't know why this is, but I'm hoping this #100DayProject will help me to work through this block whether it be a right brain or left brain malfunction, as stipulated in this article:

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