Friday, May 5, 2017

Day 30 of my #100DayProject Self Challenge The Cart Before the Horse

My #100DayProject Personnel Challenge

Perform one simple task a day to assist me in becoming more creatively productive and consistent in my studio. All tasks can be followed with a reward to encourage consistency.

Tomorrow is going to be a huge washout, a heavy duty downpour, so my gardening reward work will be put on hold as I'll be catching up on some studio projects. Sometimes even with a plan in place, one can't adhere to it's agenda 100%, I haven't been doing the one small task to help me move forward creatively in my studio for a few days;still I feel this challenge has helped me to think sequentially, to break down the problem, rather than randomly bouncing around swiftly in my thoughts to find a quick fix.


The Lemon Balm above left I planted next to a boxwood shrub near our front door. I did this as my husband informed me via shared information from a friend, that Boxwood shrubs smell like Cat pee. This is after I paid for the two shrubs and planted them. My quick fix was to plant some Lemon Balm to sweeten the offending odor, although it didn't bother ME. Unfortunately Lemon Balm is invasive, and is taking over the area. More unfortunately, when rock-scaping the other day I added more Egg Rocks by the front stoop. Why didn't I remove the Lemon Balm first? Because my impulsive side was too busy wanting the area to look nice. Today I had to un-do my cart-before-the-horse situation and remove the rocks to pull the Lemon Balm out, how much easier this would've been if I stopped for one second the day before, dug Balm out, then filled in with rocks.

 I will be indoors all day tomorrow due to rain, transitioning to new activities has always been hard for this distracted artist, it's the reason I have so many half-done projects in my studio. Going from a very structured routine of tackling area gardens in my yard one-by-one, to having an open-ended pick-a-new-activity–any activity–in my studio is giving me brain fog.  WHERE DO I START?

Well, I know this, I will start with one small task first.

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