Thursday, May 4, 2017

Day 29 of My #100DayProject Self-Challenge-When is Memorial Day?

My #100DayProject Personnel Challenge

Perform one simple task a day to assist me in becoming more creatively productive and consistent in my studio. All tasks can be followed with a reward to encourage consistency.

Today's small task, just didn't get done, possibly because I was knee-deep in the reward end of the #100DayProject agenda for the day. Fun stuff trumps have-to-do-stuff everyday.


 Three years ago I was excitedly sharing my weekend garden planting forays with a co-worker. She commented: "I thought flowers couldn't be planted until Memorial Day". Such facts escape this attention-challenged artist. How after all these years could I not know this? I've observed this oblivious behavior in creative colleague-friends of mine too, we're the ones marching left when the rest of the team is going right.

I purchased the above Heliotrope at our local Ace Hardware store as I was lured by the scent, color and price, all the while forgetting this is a poisonous plant and Memorial Day is still a way off. Where to put this Helioptrope now?


Impulsive behavior, letting a comment better left within fly out of one's mouth, interrupting, or in my case, buying the Heliotrope before thinking things through, is a common ADD trait. Heliotrope smells wonderful like vanilla, but is poisonous to pets as my gardening-artist friend Barbara Sparks warns me every time, I also, in my impulsive reaction when I spied these gorgeous plants at our store around the corner, completely forgot that fact.  I was taken in by the price, their instant beauty, and the fact I left my wallet at home, but husband didn't.

So here I am stuck with Heliotrope that I can't keep in the house until Memorial Day because of this gal to the left. But I had to plant it outside, realizing that it can't grow so large as to cover our historical marker. I stuck it close to the house for protection, but will have to move later.  And Connecticut might endure one last frost too. Another example of how ADD'ers make more work for themselves.

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