Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Day 28 #My100DayProject- Ah Yes Forgetfulness

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My #100DayProject Personnel Challenge

Perform one simple task a day to assist me in becoming more creatively productive and consistent in my studio. All tasks can be followed with a reward to encourage consistency.

Today I continued on my reward work first, and any small task to move me forward in the studio was pushed to the end of the day. Every April/May I spend most of my time in the garden, hustling to get garden-scaping done before the hot-as-hell weather arrives. In my mind, getting this stuff done now will help me to return to my studio, with fan and air-conditioning in place to put nose to grindstone again.


As of today, after living here for five years, I finally have one side garden that's almost completely done. I want to add some colorful Heuchera and two Stonecrop plants to add more color. Last year I skimped and bought two Heucheras on sale, not realizing that if I bought the one more expensive colorful Heuchera instead of two duller-colored ones, I wouldn't be in this predicament. Impatience trumps sound decisions every time.


Lastly, in my quest to run around the yard this morning to finish up, I spied a wild violet flourishing in our compost pile. I rescued to transplant in another space. Unfortunately, as we were headed out the door for an appointment I noticed I didn't plant the violet but left it laying forlornly by itself. How could I forget that? Easy, I got distracted by finishing up with mulching, then I almost stepped in dog-poop so grabbed a shovel walked around the yard tossing the stuff off the grass. And then I forgot the Violet.

Forgetfulness is such an issue for the Attention Deficit Disordered person, for me it affected my self-esteem, so much so that in my early career-life I took lower paying day-jobs, with fewer responsibilities because I honestly believed I didn't have the head for details. I feared taking a better paying job and getting fired because of my memory struggle. I remember at that time I started using post-it notes to slap on my back door to remind me of the simplest "to-do" things that had to get done. I didn't realize until a few light years later that what I had was ADD. The minute I heard the term, I ran to the library and got out every video I could on the learning disorder. This was a turn-around time for me, a time when I realized after all these years, that it wasn't  limited intellectual prowess, but a learning issue. Armed with this new knowledge, I realized the notes on the backdoor were my visual markers to keep me on track.


That night I returned to reading Corey Huff's book Sell Your Art Online. I grew up in a literate family, my sister and Mother were voracious readers, my on-again-off-again relationship with reading troubled them. In fact when I was younger I seldom read books for pleasure, I'd check out books, start them all simultaneously, not finish them and shamefully return them to the library. After realizing my ADD issue, I had the knowledge to be more consistent in finishing books.


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