Monday, May 1, 2017

Day 26 of My #100DayProject Challenge-

My #100DayProject Personnel Challenge

Perform one simple task a day to assist me in becoming more creatively productive and consistent in my studio. All tasks can be followed with a reward to encourage consistency.

DAY 26 Exhausted from the night before, I fell into a deep sleep at 7:30 pm, so bright eyed and bushy-tailed was I at 2:45am ready to hit the floor running. Prednisone does mess with one's constitution, but we're almost done with our rounds, and our Poison Ivy rash is dissipating; FINALLY.  Next time we skip the meds and go with Cortizone cream, if that is, we manage to get "The Poison" as my husband calls it, this badly, again.
I did some minor rock-
scaping in the rain.


 Since I spent the early morn mulling over in my head what kinds of quick-fix, easy-to-do garden clean ups I could do today, I was excited to fling open the back door and get to work. First, I filled some ETSY orders, returned emails, and calls. My love of gardening is the best motivational reward to keep my thoughts organized and productivity high.


I'm now finding I can rebound back from a lousy day of setbacks. Usually setbacks create piles of unfinished projects in my studio and a looming overwhelmed feeling inside that I didn't quite get it right. A setback usually would stimulate me to rush and find something else to work on, anything to calm that vague, out-of-sync feeling when this distracted artist is frustrated.  Rushing to grab another project, usually ended up in more piles of unfinished work laying about in my studio. I have a huge WIP (Work In Project) file, when I rifle through it I'm unsettled at the many sketches, and jotted down notes I have on a variety ideas.  Starting the day with a simple task, even if not art-related–completing it, followed by a reward is slowly helping me to complete more stuff I didn't think possible, within in a few days.

Yesterday I returned to my sketchbook again to work on a project idea of upcycling saved pieces of plastic (taking up room in my studio) that I wanted to convert into holiday ornaments. THIS abandoned project is over six years old. IT'S TIME.

I'm hoping that others will relate to my #DoodleMyInnerCritic to join me in posting on IG. I'd like to see if there are other creatives out there that  respond to how deeply the inner critic blocks creative flow.

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