Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Day 21 #100DayProject Letting Go of Projects that will Never Happen

 My #100DayProject Personnel Challenge

Perform one simple task a day to assist me in becoming more creatively productive and consistent in my studio. All tasks can be followed with a reward to encourage consistency.

Today, Day#21 finally puts me in synch again with the time frame of the #100DayProject challenge. I am finishing up on a wholesale customer order, but as I pressed some magnet designs together, I glanced over at two file bins blocking my studio closet door.  I hate blocked doors, bad Feng Shui at the least, and stuff hidden out of view with no easy access to get to creates another problem. How many times have you purchased something when you discover it in that out-of-way place in your studio? Blocked access not good.The bins were used to cart magnets around when I did shows. I stop doing shows due to the stress of schlepping around too many 'smalls' that is the gift industry term for small products. I also would rather work smarter not harder by selling my wares online to a larger audience. I still have a hankering to connect directly to the public by doing a Pop Up Market, but then I think of the amount of work involved to pack, travel, unpack then rinse and repeat and drag myself home, dump everything in the middle of my studio floor, only to have to put away the next day, that is a lot of time invested in grunt work.


So these boxes presented an opportunity for me to stick to my #100DayProject theme of doing one simple task a day to help me become more creatively productive and consistent. I turned to a vintage refrigerator door I purchased from an auto mechanic, the refrigerator kept shorting out his garage, so he took the door off the hinges for me. I painted the door red, and when I did shows, it was my display. This door ended up behind my studio door with a whole tribe of dust bunnies behind it. I cleaned the area out, and voila tossed my extra supply of magnets up on the whole door. This is something any other maker with minimal distraction issues would've figured out. But those of us struggling with mild to major ADD issues, can overlook the obvious.


Distracted créatifs collect a lot of stuff for future projects, and if you're like me, you get turned on to the IDEA of making something rather than actually doing it because of Pinterest, especially if this thing has nothing to do with your style, your art, your ETSY shop. And it's usually something everyone else can make too, no uniqueness involved. Be gone Sock Monkey Doll project, off to a local rummage sale you go.


Well, I ate a tootsie roll today, right now feeling a little more in synch with getting back on track with the challenge has infused me with a pleasant realization that even when you fall off the wagon of a challenge, when you get back on things can pull together more easily than the inner critic would have you believe.

I hope to get some further inking in today of my Pink Pussy had lady bookmarks.

And yet I persisted, and she got inked in.

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