Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Another Viewer used My Free Pineapple Stencil!

We live in an antique home here in Connecticut. Around the corner from us, a neighbor stenciled the word: "Welcome" in different languages on the steps leading to her front door. I so loved the idea and wondered what I could do in keeping with our c.1664 home. I knew the Pineapple was a symbol early colonists used to welcome visitors and travelers to their Inn or home. So I searched for an appropriate stencil to purchase on line and ended up making my own. The rest of the story that became a blog post is here:

Stencil a Pineapple Symbol on your Front Stoop

Since then I've had follow-ups with viewers who used my stencil for a ballet company logo, a metal sign on a garden fence, and now, a gorgeous pillow! Behold the work of Molly and her daughter from an email I received this morning.

Hello Suzanne,

In my internet search for a pineapple pattern, I came across the stencil you offered on you blog. Attached is a pillow my daughter and I made last weekend using your pineapple. Thank you!


To download the Pineapple Stencil please click here:

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