Thursday, December 8, 2016

An Inspiring Gift for a Feminist Mom

I was receiving a lot of Magnet orders (Also comes in Pinback Form) yesterday, (product picture to left). This is one of my newer magnet designs with my own copy. I was curious why the orders had suddenly spiked when one of my ETSY buyers clued me in. It was featured on HuffPosts Gift Guide
21 Inspiring Gifts for Feminist Families curated by writer Catherine Pearson:
21 Gifts for Feminist Families

Well, it's rarefied air one indeed breathes to be gifted with a mention at holiday time. It also means a lot to me that my humor strikes a chord in other women to the point it is selected to be represented in a well respected online publication. One that I've read over the years.

Life is good, now ladies, go out and "Give 'em hell!"

To purchase this Feminist Fridge magnet and/or pinback click here:SmirkingGoddess


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