Tuesday, September 1, 2015

What One Reader did with My Free Americana Pineapple Stencil

Our front brownstone step facing the street.
Last year, in early Spring I was inspired to stencil a pineapple on our front step. Why you may ask? Well, there's a house around the corner from us where the owner stenciled–(or stamped)–the word "Welcome" in a few different languages on her steps leading up to her front door. Charming, innovative, creative don't even begin to describe how cool this looks.

Not wanting to lift her idea, plus we live in a registered antique home (circa 1664) I opted for the early American Pineapple symbol to stencil on our front brownstone step. I couldn't find a pineapple stencil to purchase online but did find a crude image-(free clipart, public domain) that I downloaded and cleaned up.  I blogged about this stenciling project and offered the stencil for free in the post. I asked any one reading out there to share pics of what they did.

Well, yesterday, a year later, out-of-the blue I received an email from Phil Chuy from South Carolina-check out his website (http://www.winroc.com/) who showed me what he did with the pineapple stencil. And what he did was amazing. He used it as a template to cut out the pineapple in metal. And the result? Fabulous! Thank you for sharing Phil!

If you want a go at this project for your home, hop over to the tab on this site that says "Fun Stuff" and grab the Early Americana Stencil for yourself. And share what you did with me! I have a few friends I'm counting on to participate in this project, including one who is a Californian resident but when she visited us recently she remarked about traveling from Southern California to Texas as: "Where is the Americana?". Well my friend Cinnamon, maybe you just have to create it!


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  2. awwww love the shout out!! I can't WAIT to see what people do with this piece of Americana!!! :D :D :D

    1. Can't way to see what you do Cinn. Sending a little Americana your way!