Monday, September 7, 2015

One Little Thing to Prepare for the Busy Holiday Season

When I was employed outside of my home, my co-worker and I had a term we used: "mindless task". We performed mindless tasks when we were too exhausted to do something that involved a lot of concentration, such as registering new students online. For me a mindless task would be cleaning up the mail area, straightening up cabinets that held supplies, throwing out junk mail and stuff that had accumulated over the past months.

In other words, work that needed to get done but seldom did due to full- filling the more involved tasks.

I've carried the tradition of performing mindless tasks for when I'm too tired to work at the drawing table, or on the computer. Chopping up cardboard to protect my items that sell on ETSY is one of them. It cuts down on my shipping time too. I know some sellers just toss their items in a bubble mailer, but I prefer to add a little more protection for my customers acquired purchase as it journeys to their door. And my customers appreciate the effort:

"Super cute. Seller goes extra mile...card was wrapped beautifully and care was taken to make sure it shipped with no damage. :)"

And enjoy dear customer!

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