Friday, March 13, 2015

Day #8 of My Instagram Daily Twinchie Challenge

Day 8 of my Twinchie Challenge it seems like I've been doing this for ages. What bothers me is my mind isn't focused on it in a way that I'd like. Rather I say to myself: "Oh, yeah, I gotta do another Twinchie". I wish I'd have more of a focused bent, like: "Okay, one is due today, what are you going to draw up for the challenge? Try something none character related? A Landscape?".

The problem those of us who suffer from ADD, and of course mine isn't as intense as some, perhaps I'm on the "spectrum" as a friend of mine calls it. Is that one rushes through projects with out enjoying the thought process, the nuances that make the participation more enjoyable. Having day jobs in high-energy offices also played into ADD need to rush. I became very proficient at multi-tasking which worked for the job, but now at home the quick nervous energy has no where to be channeled. Creating art, even a small Twinchie takes thought and time.

I found an interesting article online about our perception of time, or rather our warped possession of time, that seems to become more inherently warped in a world endorsed by a fast internet:

Even so I'm finding forcing myself to follow this daily challenge for the Month of March has helped me to think more consistently, and to be more thorough in planning out creative projects. I used to have a tendency to rush to the fun part of the project, usually buying supplies, then ending up realizing the supplies–after opening them, were the wrong size, or that the project could be done another way, thus money wasted. I'm able to be more sequential due to this daily sequential exercise.

For artists illustrators wishing to join in on the March 2015 please feel free to post your 2"x2" work of art using this instagram hashtag: #DailyTwinchieChallenge.

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