Thursday, March 12, 2015

Day 7 of my #DailyTwinchieChallenge

Day #7 I took more time with the twinchie and used ink and colorase pencil. I did realize slowing down the process made me enjoy it more, rather than quickly transferring to sketchbook and speedily inking and or penciling in. Slowness counts and again with such a small image, the time involved isn't long to produce, but to share? that takes a little more time.

But as mentioned, I have a "touch of ADD" which has limited my ability to be as productive as I feel I'm capable of being. This is because of my impatience and also frustration when I come to a stand still with my work, this results in my abandoning the project and focusing on work that is faster to produce. I've often wondered if more artists than other members of the general public suffer from ADD, and I found this:

I also wanted to point you all to one of my favorite blogs Doodlers Anonymous, where there is a post about an artist who created a wee book of her illustrations, wow! patience!: DoodlersAnonymous:

For any artists/illustrators who'd like to join in on my #dailytwinchiechallenge on instagram here's the info:

1. Create a 2"x2" work of art it can be a drawing, painting etc.
2. Post on instagram and tag #dailytwinchiechallenge

This challenge is lasting for the month of March, this is an experiment to see if daily commitment to finishing something creative will help me to be more productive in the studio, something I need to develop further.

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