Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Day 6 of my #DailyTwinchieChallenge for the Month of March

If you read my previous posts you will find I'm challenging myself for the Month of March to create a daily "Twinchie". What is a "Twinchie" it's a 2"x2" size art. First developed among digital scrappers (scrapbookers), I decided to create original drawings in this teeny format size which is even smaller than ACEO art size.

I've always had a big drawing style, drawing in small scale was very hard for me in school and beyond. Eventually I landed a temporary freelance job at a puzzle company where I had to draw small, to the point they gave me a magnifying glass to peer through as I drew. This helped me to develop my skills scale-wise, even if the job was hard on my eyes.

Containing a hand drawn image in 2"x2" forces one to be more creative with space allotment but also allows me to be productive on a daily basis as the time input is short. However I have to watch not racing ahead to create one, as this makes me get sloppy, even if this is an exercise, I'm not totally pleased with some of my images in this challenge as they're lacking in charm, or don't look like a finished illustration. Next image will be paced more carefully, I don't want to quickly draw something, or get lazy about when I finish it, i.e. in front of TV. Being mindful of something this small should take my complete attention.

If any artists/illustrators out there would like to join in on this challenge, please post your 2"x2" illustration on instagram hashtag: "#dailytwinchiechallenge".

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