Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Day 5 of my March Long Twinchie Challenge

This is Day 5 of my March Challenge. Even with only a small 2"x2" space to fill, I find myself getting a little weary of this challenge already. How I will get through this whole month is beyond me at times. I enjoy the initial drawing part, but when I re-trace and draw the finished sketch it feels tedious, shooting the piece is easy and writing about it easy. It's the production part where my interest wanes and where I could lose the spontaneity and freshness of the image, this is the area where I have to develop more patience.

I've opened up my March 2015 challenge to artists and illustrators on Instagram, if you'd like to join in on this challenge-especially if you feel you could learn something from it herewith the info:

1. Draw or paint something in a 2"x2" format-yes a Twinchie is just that, small.
2. Log into your Twinchie account and post the picture of your Twinchie art and tag it: #dailytwinchiechallenge
3. You will see your work, my work and that of others who've decided this challenge might be a fun exercise to explore on the #dailytwinchiechallenge page.

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