Monday, March 9, 2015

Day 4 of My Daily Twinchie Challenge for the Month of March

©2015 Suzanne Urban
Day 4 and I have a wee turtle. The graphite started to smear on the page and I hate it when that happens, and along with this post-every-day-this-month challenge, I'm also trying to produce a more visually organized sketchbook.

 My sketchbooks over the years have been a hodgepodge of 1/2 finished drawings, finished drawings, empty pages and written scriblings. Although many artists are accepting of this with their own sketchbooks,  I find my hodgepodge too sloppy, even ugly as I get  lazy with placement and designing my drawings on the pages to be esthetically interesting and thus would like to have some sketchbooks that really shows a compelling process from beginning to end. Besides, pushing myself to embrace organized consistency will help me become actively productive.

I'd rather follow along with what Matthew Archambault teaches his students at the School of Visual Arts where one of his course assignments is to fill a whole sketchbook in one semester. He often shares some of his talented students sketchbooks online which I find truly inspiring. I've fantasized of hopping the fast-trak train here in upper Connecticut to take his drawing course in NYC some day– another challenge idea of mine. My most important goal though, is to eliminate any fear in approaching something to draw, even if my style is whimsical, it needs structure, I'd especially like to flesh out my repertoire to include buildings, and more straight-line perspective- subject matter whether this happens from a two hour commute to the city to take course or from online courses and continued sketching I want to make it happen.

For any illustrators/artists wishing to join me in the 2015 Month of March Twinchie Challenge on Instagram herewith the info:

1. Your drawing/painting must be 2"x2"–no larger
2. Take a picture of your "Twinchie" and post in your Instagram account use the tag: "dailytwinchiechallenge

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