Sunday, March 8, 2015

Day 3 of Instagram #DailyTwinchieChallenge

This is Day #3 of my challenge to draw a 2"x2" work of art that I put out to artists and illustrators to join in on Instagram and Facebook. On instagram:  #DailyTwinchieChallenge

I started this challenge for myself after reading Crystal Moody's interview on The Abundant Artist blog. How she trained herself to be creatively productive by producing a painting a day, not unlike Duane Keiser who's A Painting a Day blog garnered him a sustainable creative business.

Being one who has struggled with consistency all my life, I opted for a shorter challenge, for the month of March I'm creating a 2"x2" work of art, a.k.a  a "Twinchie" and posting it. I sometimes draw ahead of time, but the finished piece is usually done the day of, and posted the day of. I'm training myself to be creatively habitual but in baby steps. One artist has joined me on Instagram, I hope to see more.

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