Friday, March 27, 2015

Day #22 of the DailyTwinchieChallenge

©2015 Suzanne Urban
I must admit I'm growing weary now of this daily challenge. I'm not anxious about producing a small illustration, but more that by producing daily, taking a picture, and blogging about it cuts into my wanting to spend more time on the small piece of art, in other words I'm not always pleased with the output, even if others "like" it on social media. This challenge has really driven home for me the need to continually develop a consistent, authentic style. Below is a painting I finished this week, not totally pleased with it, I love the concept, which I've used before, but it's not quite what I envisioned. Thus I feel the challenge, though manageable has made me more productive, the work behind the challenge is cutting into my need to spend more time on my art, to really think things like design of drawing and color selection through. After this month my next challenge shall be weekly this way I won't rush through like I'm beginning to do, a big fault of mine, I'm more satisfied when I take a more time with my work, and working weekly rather than daily will help me to budget for more careful and conscious studio effort something I really need to do.

©2015 Suzanne Urban
For anyone wishing to join in on my #DAILYTWINCHIECHALLENGE on instagram, simply create a 2"x2" work of art and upload on your instagram account and tag: #DAILYTWINCHIECHALLENGE

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