Monday, March 23, 2015

Day #18 of My Daily Twinchie Challenge-And My Take on Social Media

Today will be a real challenge day for me, my goal to get some serious painting done in my studio. I spent this morning networking my ETSY shop on social media, taking a Twinchie picture, networking Twinchie on Instagram and now here, blogging about my work.

Today someone posted on ETSY asking if doing all the social media stuff works to glean sales as she canceled her membership on all of them and is selling at a moderate pace, another ETSY seller reported she did the same and is still getting good sales, it took her awhile to attract buyers, but her shop's doing well now.

I've often wondered about this. I do know when I post in forums on ETSY I usually get orders in my SmirkingGoddess shop. I use Facebook to keep in touch with friends, co-workers and family plus promote my two ETSY shops and studio work. I use Instagram for the same. But I don't bother with Twitter and Tumblr as there's just so much time in a day, plus Tumblr's demographics is a young crowd READ: no disposable income (usually). And Twitter is limited in using back links, and linking is where you get more people finding out about you. I'm on Pinterest and need to use it more, since joining Instagram I've abandoned Pinterest, this is my bad, as I also get hits to my ETSY shops from Pinterest.

But social media promoting gets in the way of working, and though PR comes faster and easier to me than sitting in the studio, it's often hard for me to mentally shift from computer to studio, but it has to be done. I've decided to promote my work one day a week on social media and ETSY.  The Twinchie Challenge I'm currently doing is every day, but when the month of March is over, I will be promoting and blogging once a week. The rest of the week if for all the other tasks including studio time that must get done.

There's a lot of hype about using social media to advertise, but like anything, if it's free, you need to really work it in order for it to work for you, as you are the sales rep/graphic designer/copywriter here. I suggest incorporating a specific time/day in the week to promote as over-promoting turns people off and keeps one from producing the product.

I started the Daily Twinchie Challenge on Instagram on March 6, 2014 after reading about an artist who created a blog recording her 365 day challenge to create a painting a day. I kept my challenge manageable, it's small–a 2"x2" work of art and is a daily output lasting until the end of this March. So far I've seen an improvement in being more productive plus getting other tasks done. It's not miraculous, I've had some off-days, but on the whole things are better. If you'd like to join in on this challenge simply create a 2"x2" work of art and tag: "DailyTwinchieChallenge on your Instagram account.

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