Wednesday, April 2, 2014

What's on My Drawing Table Today

It's been so hard for me to adjust to working at home full-time, hard because my day job of 11 plus years was hyper-active, forcing me to multi-task at lightening speed. This former position really impacted my–as a former Dr. called it–"wee bit of ADD". I find it hard to sit at the drawing table for lengths of time, and in fact even going into the studio is hard.

Instead, I've been focusing on writing copy and designing magnets and pinbacks as the activity can be done in short spurts compared to working on a painting. Then I'm pulling the house together, always easier to decorate, clean and re-org than to sit down and paint.

But finally, after feeling a little depressed and disappointed in my inability to bite the bullet and go into the studio for a period of time, I worked up the courage this week and started a little bit on Monday, then Tuesday and now I'll be back at it today.

I'm handpainting small wood plaques to go into my second ETSY shop. I plan to tone the paintings down with a wash later on. These small paintings are for those looking to spice up a small corner in their home with a little humor. Hope you like it so far.


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