Tuesday, April 1, 2014

My New Hoosier Cabinet-or Rather Husband's

I purchased, for quite a bit of money, a Pottery Barn settee with not just the one, but two upper shelves with hooks for coats; this was for the hallway in our other house. We moved out of that mixed-use property to an antique house with more room, but plaster walls. Hanging the heavy shelves won't do here. Plus I got a little tired of husband using different areas in the house to put his groupings of "stuff". And god forbid if I moved the "stuff". I wanted to replace the settee to hide the "stuff".

Enter Craigslist, I found a cute hoosier cabinet for sale in neighboring Massachusetts, I've always wanted one and the price was very reasonable. I pitched my idea to my husband, he would have a place to organize and hide his stuff: It'll be a "workstation" said I "So you don't have to go upstairs to the computer room all the time". He agreed. Behold our newest acquisition:

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