Sunday, April 13, 2014

Spring is Here in My Book-Painting Outdoors

 Connecticut is due for another round of sleety rain next week, yes it is April. Even so I've already done some sprucing up outdoors; because, well I have to. Despite some saying it's too early to paint outdoors, I took advantage of this sunny weekend to paint two garden boxes, a birdhouse, another garden box, a tool box and a mysterious pole that is by our front stoop. It was sunny yesterday, but today, slight sprinkle, but the paint dried quickly and seemed to adhere fine.

Despite my suffering from the after-affects of job burn out, left job end of March; I always find it energizing to make things beautiful, especially if I can do it in a timely fashion. Am I impatient? Oh yeahhhh. But when you've waited a long time to finish tasks like this, it's hard to wait another month to get the job done.

I opted to paint all of these objects the same color of our house. Two of the garden boxes will be filled with Heuchera-I'm now doing my homework so I know what can exist in the shade–and will be placed on our front porch for a pop of color with out looking garish. I plan to find a twig basket to hang from the pole and put some decorative twigs in it, and the tool box? Well, I plan to attach three rusty vintage tools to the front of it, fill it with rocks and place potted purple flowers in it-possibly petunia. The toolbox will be placed in front of our large front garden box that can be seen from the street.  The birdhouse I'd like to nail to our backyard tree that can be seen from the front. I want to add pops of colour here and there to be seen from the street.

Will update with finished projects in a week or two, depends on Mother Nature of course.

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