Thursday, September 26, 2019

My SheCrow is Finished!

When we first moved to Windsor, I created what I called a "SheCrow" since my scarecrow wore a denim jumper dress. Unfortuantely, New England weather was too rough on her, and I didn't like her regular 'crow' stance with arms straight out, almost as if she was hung up on a wall. This time my SheCrow has a SheShed to live in before Winter skies drop snowflakes.

This year I made time to revisit my SheCrow idea, this time I wanted to use an old Tomato Cage as an armature. I purchased a boys size 10 shirt for 99¢ at Goodwill, a hanky for 1.00, garden gloves for two bucks and a hat for five at Joblot. A beekeeper friend gave me her tote basket, her hair is made from a hula skirt I got at Family dollar, her pumpkin head? A left over prop from past Halloweens. A friend who has a horse farm gave me the rough rope bale twine and the Fall gourds and foliage-all fake were on sale at Michaels. I used plastic bubble wrap, and garbage bags to fill out her shirt.

Wrapping the rope twine around the cage didn't work, because there's too few vertical wires-four in fact, wrapping didn't give me the desired cone-dress shape. So I purchased a grapevine garland and wire ribbon and first wound the wire ribbon around the Tomato Cage tying it to the horizontal cage wires. This created the skirt shape I needed. But her skirt looked too see-thru barren, my husband kept saying it didn't 'read' like a skirt. So then I wrapped the bale rope around the wire grapevine, It didn't have to be perfect, as she's a scarecrow, and I liked the messy wrap-around look with hairy rope ends sticking out with grapevine wire ribbon showing through, I tied one end of the bale rope to a vertical cage bar, wrapped around and tucked the ends in. After that for visual panache I wrapped the grapvine garland around and tied it to the bale rope in places, then applied the fake stuff and a small birdhouse for fun and color.  FYI Safety pins were needed to hold her hands to her hat and help her to grasp the apple basket. I cut a hole in the bottom of the plastic pumpkin, added glue to the inside top and slipped it over the tied ends of the Tomato cage top. I'm sure if you play with this concept you'll come up with some problem-solving ideas to make her skirt look like a skirt too.

Now she stands in our front area garden, I used some wire pins to anchor down the cage into the ground.

Here's a list of the supplies I used to make my own SheCrow should you be inspired to add a Fall lady to your garden, please share your pictures if you make one in comment section! I also brought my SheCrow onto our porch today as we're going to have a huge thunderstorm soon.


• Old tomato cage-tie leg ends of cage together with wire to form a cone shape
• Glue gun
• Safety Pins
• Left over rope used to hold hay bales together-a gift from a horse farm
Jute rope for belt
• Boy's shirt size 10
• Cloth napkin for hanky around neck, bandana scarf for shirt pocket hanky
Fake gourds
• Apple bucket
• Garden gloves
• Plastic bubblewrap and bags to stuff shirt and wrap around upper torso of armature
• Fake Fall Leaf garland
• Old plastic fake pumpkin for head
• Cheap fake grass hula skirt for hair
• Hat
Grapevine Wire Ribbon

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