Sunday, October 6, 2019

It's Stocking Stuffer Season Soon! New, Funny Fridge Magnets from Smirking Goddess™ Studio on ETSY

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My ETSY shop is busy during Stocking Stuffer season and already I'm seeing some sales that are marked "gift" in my shop. So I'm stopping by here to share two new magnets I came up with this weekend. One for all ye cat lovers/owner-introverts, and the other is a play on the french philosopher René Descartes famous quote: "Je pence donc je suis", or "I think therefore I am".

In ninth grade my french teacher had us create a poster based on René Descartes' quote. I don't remember what I did, but as a young artist with ADD I do remember my poster made a splash with her and the class. Art was something I could rely on to boost my self-esteem. I just wish I knew how to exploit that more back in the old days.


In college after graduating I stumbled upon many collegues who'd weasled out of a test by creating a work of art based on the lesson plan for their teacher. I wish I wasn't so clueless to wait for an actual assignment from my instructor to create something, but the thought never occurred to me, because I was an anxious little goody-two-shoes distracted-kinda kid.


I discovered I had a sense of humor, and I could rely on that, so not all was lost back-in-the-day. Making people laugh helped me to regain some kind of centeredness. Mostly though, it just made me happy to realize I wasn't dumb if I could come up with the last smart-ass quip. Back then ADD hadn't been discovered, so dreamy kids like me muddled through as best we could. Were you one too?

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