Saturday, January 12, 2019

Starting the New Year's Off with Handpainted Wood Slice Ornaments

November and December are busy ETSY shop months for me, thus my two month gap from posting here. After the holiday rush of getting orders out I'm back, and determined to fill my other much-neglected (second) Etsy shop, SuzanneUrbanArt with more of my art.

This year's goal is to finish 100 pieces of art by this August, "Ha! Ha!" you say? "What a lofty concept!" you chortle? BUT, I prepared for this time. Last Spring and Summer I over-worked myself to the bone to finish outdoor landscaping-garden projects so I'd have more time this year to stay firmly planted in my studio come Spring AND Summer 2019.

Admittedly, I did steal back some time in the Fall to make holiday props for our front yard, and this set me back in adding more work to that second Etsy shop BEFORE Christmas. When I scored an eight foot Canadian-made Toboggan on Facebook Marketplace for only twenty bucks, my ADD distraction-addicted-nature swiftly whoosed me away from the paint palette to set up an outdoor work space in late October. The toboggan idea led me to creating a sign using vintage ice skates I purchased up the street at the VFW Flea Market and then there was the shutter snowman panel I wanted to re-paint.  .  .

All got finished and I loved how our front yard looked. But as orders poured in I was also feverishly working on pieces for a local show-(I RARELY do Connecticut shows)- at Red Bee Honey in Weston Connecticut. Happily, all of this got done before December 25th.

This month, I'm finding it hard to put away my holiday yard art with twinkling lights, but any day now Mother Nature will blow into Connecticut dumping snow in her wake, and moving an eight foot Toboggan to the SheShed won't be so easy amid snowdrifts.

I'm now officially ready to move forward and stay happily camped at the drawing table, and yes, it's about time to do so.

Please check in my ETSY shop or follow me on Instagram to see what I'm up to! And thanks for stopping by, I missed you!

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