Monday, February 12, 2018

My Napkin Draw Submissions for Doodlers Anonymous–Vote for Me?

My 2018 submission to Doodler's Anonymous Napkin Draw
Back in 2010 I entered Doodler's Anonymous' quirky challenge, to draw on a napkin and submit it to their site to have others vote on their favorite. I was pleasantly surprised when my entry then was highlighted in their Call to Artists to submit for their 2018 Napkin Draw Challenge.

I sometimes doodle on napkins when waiting for our order in restaurants. Back in 2010 I did so and found out the waitress saved the napkin and posted it on their community bulletin board next to postcards of work by local area artists. I wonder if it's still there.

I revisited the challenge this year and if you're not terribly busy, would you vote for my entry of a clumsy bear trying to draw on a cheap napkin? Shown here in this blog post The doodler with the most votes will win a gift card–and that will go to more Art Supplies and maybe some napkins, naturally.

Thank you for your time:

And my 2010 Napkin Draw submission in 2010:

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