Monday, July 31, 2017

Throwing in the Towel on the #100DayProject, ADD or the Challenge of a Multipotentialite?

It's been a month since I quit the #100DayProject challenge. It wasn't my Attention Deficit issue that led me off-course and I'm glad I recognized the difference. I wanted to finish the challenge. Instead it's the fact I am an artist AND writer, I work and create more than one line of products that aren't similar in production and design. When I scan ETSY shops I'm envious of the illustrators who stick to selling just prints, or artisans or jewelers with branded signature shops featuring one kind of product instead of offering a variety of collections in one shop.

Aside from dreaming up new funny stuff for this shop: SmirkingGoddess, and working on my illustrations for this shop: SuzanneUrbanArt,  I also manage a shop for my husband's Vintage Hi-Fi Museum. The latter two aren't getting the updates they need yet. Add to the Urban plate that I take on wholesale orders and freelance commissions, including a weeding service for local residents to keep money flowing, and a volunteer for this program: The Windsor Monarch Project  and I'm all tapped out for time. Oh and then there's the basic household chores so my home doesn't look like a frat house. So you see, even a woman who doesn't have kids, who works at home–(full-time), finds it hard to commit to a seemingly simple challenge-framework because creatively speaking, her fingers are stuck in too many pies.

 Time management is an issue for we Attention Deficits, this stumbling block leads me to silently chastise myself for not getting enough done in a day. But, I'm also aware that I like to delve into a variety of creative areas. My concern over not finishing the #100DayProject challenge led me back to Puttylike a Blog by author and creative entrepreneur Emilie Juliette Wapnick who coined the phrase "Multi-Potentialite" a term to describe those of us who literally can't narrow down and specialize in one field or in my case in one medium.

And of course we live in a culture, as described by Ms. Wapnick that demands we follow one career path. But there are some who succeed in defying tunnel-vision expectations.

So here I am working on new gag lines for my line of magnets and pinbacks, check, trying to finish my new line of signs–taking time as I try to find the right wood planks to order for this line, and the other shop? I'm straddling the fence between my new Pink Pussy Hat illustrated bookmarks, I re-drew the characters recently, this happens a lot where I am two-thirds done with a project and it just doesn't set right with me and back to the drawing table go I. I've also put shooting several gingerbread men ornaments on hold–they're finished, but need to be photographed; and I'm now investigating the new medium of spun cotton.  And to finance my ETSY business and help pay bills, I placed an ad on Facebook that I'm available to weed area gardens, and inquiries are rolling in.

So it goes, for those of us Multi-Potentialites who want to succeed but are juggling what seems like as many balls as there are stars in the sky.

Are you a Multi-Potentialite? Please comment below.

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