Friday, June 23, 2017

Day 51 and 52 #100DayProject My Newest Work Tied Up in Product Development

 My #100DayProject

Perform one simple task a day to assist me in becoming more creatively productive and consistent in my studio. All tasks can be followed with a reward to encourage consistency.

Back In the Saddle Yet Again

Now that the community volunteer project I was involved in has wound down for a while, I'm back in the studio after a two-week hiatus. Resting on my desk were two WIP's-(works in progress). One I'm creating funky angel/fairy ornaments from sheets of plastic I've kept to upcycle. This project so far has no hitches. But the other project. . .

The Other Project–Shelf Sitter Christmas Blocks

I'm expanding my funny magnets and pinbacks onto signs and blocks for the upcoming season. I've put this project off due to busy orders and product development snafus. What sounds easy to do isn't. so the signs are on hold, but staring at a basket of vintage children's play blocks left by the former owner of our antique home, I had an idea to create small shelf sitters with some of my funny quotes on them.

First in Product Development–Decision Making

First I had to decide which of my copy to select for this line of vintage blocks. Secondly, I had to measure the blocks and re-create my round magnet design in a rectangle shape. I decided to create a line of Christmas themed blocks that one could purchase as a set, or alone.

The Snafuls 

Despite accurate measuring, I had to adjust the size of my template for the image. Secondly, when working with your design on a computer screen, text is readable, the design looks bright and crisp. Upon printing out, three of my designs didn't read well, the font I chose was too thin in line and curly. Back to the computer to fix fonts. I also found a typo after this print out. I re-printed out and this happened. The color was totally off. Since I have a high end inkjet printer my print-outs usually need 24 hours to dry, I switched to painting the blocks a deep burgundy and called it a day.

Moving Forward

I reprinted on the second day and the color adjusted correctly, yay! I sandpapered the blocks for an aged look and varnished for protection. Next, hopefully with no further snafus I can complete this project.

The Christmas block snafus tied me up for two days, but sometimes a project is more challenging and gets tabled for far longer. This is part of the process of a creative maker who needs to get their work up online, in front of the public to sell so she/he can return to their studio and do it all over again. But to the non-makers out there, this is why our handcrafted items are priced to protect our time invested. So much more goes behind a handmade product than you'll eve guess.

My Reward for Sticking with Studio Tasks:


Back in the garden I finally completed some much needed rock-scaping between my two raised-bed garden boxes. Hallelujah!

My name is Suzanne Urban I sell my funny magnets  pinbacks here: SmirkingGoddess and my art here: SuzanneUrbanDesigns

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