Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Keeping up in my Sketchbook

I'm not the most consistent person, something I'm not proud of, possibly due to what a former Doctor of mine said, "You have a touch of ADD". I actually think most artists/creative people do. Some of my artists friends seem to be afflicted with either rapid chatting/interrupting, darting eyes to land on something interesting, changing conversation topics swiftly and other signs that ADD is present. Or some are in a quiet, dreamy forever non-drug-induced state another sign of ADD.

Having a touch of ADD makes it hard for me to be consistent, or is it my Gemini nature? Always turned on to the newest idea before the last one was inspected, dissected and explored? Impatience is part of ADD and a good part of being a Gemini.

However, I've learned to master some patience over the years, and am forcing myself to sketch as much as possible, time-gaps between drawing makes one rusty, and I need to expand my visual vocabulary big time. When sales are slow in my ETSY shop, I returned to a sketchbook started in 2009. It's fat and pages still need filling. Herewith some sketches done this past month, some may even turn into stationery products in my ETSY shop:SuzanneUrban

And while on ETSY due visit my other shop, featuring my written word and wit: SmirkingGoddess 

Thank you, thank you very much for looking.

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