Friday, March 6, 2015

A Twinchie a Day for the Month of March

I subscribe to a few blogs written by professionals advising artists and makers how to succeed in their creative business. Recently I found the artist Crystal Moody on theAbundantArtist.

Crystal taught herself to create one creative piece a day for a full year and to post it on her blog appropriately titled: "A Year of Creative Habits". A photographer as well as an artist, she photographed the finished small format painting on her blog next to her morning breakfast. The photos are a picture of art themselves, if not her breakfast:

I admire her success in maintaining a consistent schedule. Consistency has never been a strong point of mine. Due to what one doctor described as "you have a touch of ADD", and being the impatient Gemini, it's been a struggle for me to maintain consistent habits. My studio is filled with unfinished projects. I yearn to complete them, but newer ideas and distractions make me wander.

However, due to my experience in the day job-workforce-arena, I've acquired quite a bit of discipline over the years, and this has spilled over into my creative life. I've always said: "Experience is what you get when you don't get what you want." Working as a graphic designer, secretary and art teacher has taught me to focus, even if I preferred to be in the studio creating.

So now that I've left the last day job after 12 years, I need to finely tune this focus issue. And so happening upon Crystal's blog, which is reminiscent of artist Duane Keiser's blog–he the first artist to embark on a year-long routine of creating something a day for a year–his blog:A Painting A Day I am going to try their method for this month of March and see if I can go for a year, (yay!).

I'm keeping my first daily commitment simple, I'm creating "Twinchies". What are "Twinchies"? you say? Well they're 2"x2" works of art that many digital artists create and sell on ETSY. But me? They will be small original works of art, small enough for me to manage on a daily level. The following month I plan to move on to another creative project to keep me focused, and will produce that art for the month of April.

Let's see if I can do this. And if any of you artists/illustrators out there would like to join me, please post in below in the comment section with a link to your blog/or site where you're posting your artistic Twinchies.

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