Monday, March 30, 2015

Day #25 Winding Down on My Daily Twinchie Challenge

©2015 "Sale" Suzanne Urban
Since I started this self-challenge on March 6th, tomorrow is my last day. I feel a sense of relief as the first two and half weeks was fine, but towards the end of the third week I became increasingly restless with this challenge, as small a burden as it is to create a Twinchie, it was the shooting, blogging and uploading combined that broke down my enthusiasm. I feel my earlier twinchies were more carefully thought out and drawn. But then, I also stressed over the drawing part in the beginning, so a mixed-bag of pros and cons.  As I started to move from Twinchie to my studio to work on more pieces, is when the restlessness with the challenge cropped up, maybe it had served it's purpose within the third week, to jump start my motivation to get into the studio and be more productive with my art not just with my magnets and pinbacks.

The Twinchie Challenge as I said is ending for me, but it can continue for any creatifs out there. Simply create a 2"x2" work of art, upload it to your Instagram account and tag it: #DailyTwinchieChallenge. You may find this kind of challenge and setting aside a small sketchbook for this challenge might help you too to up your productive game in the studio. It definitely helped me out.

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