Sunday, March 15, 2015

Day #10 of the Instagram #DailyTwinchieDaily

Day #10 of the #DailyTwinchieChallenge, a piggy in pink and red and regular pencil.

In college when drawing from the model, I always chose a harder lead pencil, I hated getting smudgy pencil lead on my hands and all over my paper. Some of my friends, also art majors loved the fat, 3B and 4B pencils, I hated them. I'm bringing this up because there are smudges that occurred  when drawing this piggy. It happened because the eraser was lame, why is it erasers on pencils now-a-days get stiff and dried up and no longer work in just a few weeks? Such erasers leave ugly grey smudges on sketchbooks.

But I'm intrigued that simple smudges and lead on my hands bothered me to no end, yet some artists I know relish the mess and carry on drawing and/or painting and finishing the project. What kind of artist are you? Messy or like me, keep the page clean or start over?

I started this challenge a few days into the Month of March to help train me to be more creatively consistent and thus more creatively productive. This challenge will end for me March 31st, but artists/illustrators are welcomed to jump in and  create a 2"x2" work of art and post with the tag: #DailyTwinchieChallenge on Instagram.  I figured a tiny work of art would be easier to commit to as I build better consistent work habits for myself.

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