Sunday, July 27, 2014

What's On My Drawing Table Today

Due to an illness in the family, a second busy ETSY shop; and helping my husband with his business I've been overwhelmed with tasks-not daunting-just need to keep my mojo and focus going. I've decided to concentrate on creating little ACEO's  or  ATC's as well as Small format Paintings as well as prints to sell in my ETSY shop. The size will help me to be productive as I move forth to juggle other household tasks.

The colours are brighter in the onscreen version. My goal is to use more subtle tones so paintings aren't glaringly bright. My work is designed to add a little wit to any art collector's walls.

                                                                                   Oh? And what are ACEO's or ATC's?

©2014 All images represented her-All  Rights Reserved Suzanne Urban

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