Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Digging Around in my Garden and What I Found

Small bright Boxwood moved into Job lot planter

Due to my leaving a job after twelve years, husband and I are budgeting furiously as I work to build up my ETSY business to bring in much needed money. Surviving on one paycheck is a challenge even if the only other mouths to feed in the home are a Malti-poo and House Rabbit.

Gardening is a creative release for me, it feeds me like creating my art. But my days of ordering flora online and at local garden centers are coming to a screeching halt. I'm a bonafide New Englander now and "making do".

I'm making do by painting older planters, buying used planters, finding cheaper plants and garden accents on Craigslist, Ocean State Job Lot and through my husband's pals. I was a little too Hosta happy in the past two years, and our yard loves these shrubs. It's almost like my yard is an adolescent breaking out in Hostas instead of zits. So I'm digging many up to replace the awful ivy that climbed up the front of our antique home winding it's pointy leaves under our clapboards. Hostas and a few other plants will go there instead.

Vintage Tool box re-painted and lettered with quote
My first dig into the front of the house produced a grimy baggy with something in it. I was too afraid to open the baggie, was it a time capsule object someone buried? Something antique of value?  I waited till husband arrived home and handed him the
Blue Hostas contained in Job Lot Containers
baggie. He peeked in and said: "It says it's made in China." Behold a wee St. Anthony's statue our home's former owners buried. I guess it worked, we bought the house!

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