Sunday, August 18, 2013

If You Build It they Will Come, Coventry Farmers Market

Today, husband, dog and I attended the Coventry Regional Farmers Market by the historic Nathan Hale Homestead. And yes, this farmers market is "dog friendly"! And the gentleman below left with poodle in front pouch helped us to park, he used doggie's ears to wave us in. We were forewarned to get there early, and having seen the crowds of people arriving at 11:30am we were glad our shopping was done then. Pieper our Malti-poo made new friends-there was a female peke in a pink collar who behaved like she'd met her soulmate. And Pipe even enjoyed an organic pumpkin dog cookie. This market has it all, live music, a walk-in "little free library" where one leaves a book and takes one, and women in colonial dress.

Hailed as "one of the top ten things to do in New England" by the Boston Globe, and advertised widely, Mike, Pieper and I were interested to see if this was all hype or the real deal. Turns out, it was the real deal.

Herewith our list of groceries from this bustling Farmers Market:

1. Sean Patrick's Plants-Two hydrangeas, 12. each good size and gorgeous!
2. Baker's Dozen Pumpkin Doggie Treat- 1.00 eaten in car or rather inhaled in car on way home by Pieper.
3. Oakleaf Dairy Goats Milk Caramel Sauce
4.DiFiore Spinach & Sausage Homemade Ravioli-highly recommended by Kara Sundlun 
5. Capa di Roma Basil Tomato Sauce
6. Mystic Cheese Company-Call me Meville Goat's Milk Cheese
7. Basil and Parsley-sorry lost husband in the crowds don't know from which farm-our rabbits Puma and Nibbleface LOVED.
8. Meriano's Bake shop Peach Pie.
9. From Farm to Hearth-loaf of bread

Needless to say, we're having a very festive, gourmet dinner tonight!

I highly recommend this weekend event to families, retirees, singles and the dog!

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