Friday, July 26, 2019

My Garden Totem for All Seasons

I've fallen in love with the upcycled structures garden artists are creating for their yards. In fact, I even taught a Glass-Plate-Garden-Flower Workshop recently at James Selings Estate Jewelry and Antiques here in Windsor. The workshop went well, I covered tips and tricks I'd learned from this new craft as I find no one Youtube or blog post completely covers every detail involved. Anyway, a totem workshop will follow.  The totems are more involved than the flowers but I love how the one I made for our side garden came out, even if it's a little dicey managing such a tall object. I do worry that the gold vase may lose it's sheen after awhile, but I plan to just spray a top coat of gold on it in the future if need be. This totem doubles as a birdbath and birdfeeder, a rock will be placed in the deep dish so wee birds have something to perch on when sipping water.

This totem takes the place of a Glass Plate flower in our side garden, and said flower now resides in a planter by our barn. I love it's new home, best of all, I love how garden art is so easy to move, no digging up, wrenching roots from Mother Earth and lugging to another location. I highly recommend you add art to your garden for this very reason.

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