Thursday, July 4, 2019

Minor Decorative Upgrades to My Garden

I scour Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, and the Buy Nothing Facebook page everyday. On days when I have the car, I will check out Habitat ReStore, Goodwill, Joblot and Savers for items I can re-purpose for our gardens. I've mentioned the Buy Nothing page before, just about every town in the country has one on Facebook. It is a page where your local residents post a picture of something they want to get rid of and offer it up for free. This is designed to keep stuff out of the landfill. They then pick a responding winner for the item. There are rules to this page, and the admin will gently remind members of them, for example, don't just 'take' but offer stuff too.

Yesterday's score on Facebook Marketplace was a big bag of vivid blue acquarium rocks for five bucks that included 50 flat side pearly-clear glass gems in them. The glass gems will be added to the Glass Plate Garden Flowers that I make. The rocks are replacing some purple glass stones I had in a birdbath that are supposed to glow in the dark but don't, and I could only afford one bag of them and thus they got grungy with dirt and leaves.

The acquarium rocks were plentiful as you can see to above. I worried that the color was too garishly bright, and it is, but in my previous post I mentioned the need to add splashes of brighter color to our yard. My SheShed is a drab olive green,  I've decided to paint it a brigher, olive green this Fall-(when husband goes on a business trip as his engineer personality will want to help, he's adept but he and outdoor heat don't mix).  Anyway, I still like the look, and for those worried that the birds can't use this birdbath, I will provide one in the near future for them.

The next accent upgrade was the mustard colored straw hat I got at Savers. I feel every woman who wants one should have a SheShed to hang her hat on. I'm grateful for mine. One can shop for Sheds on Craigslist, and Facebook Marketplace too, but check for the free ones first and study pictures for structural issues. Even check wood storage sheds and kids wood playhouses on these sites (and commercial sites as they're cheaper than regular sheds) They're smaller but could fill the bill for you perfectly. As always, you'll need the right kind of vehicle to move if structure is already assembled.

A small decorative garden accent may just be the desired oomph you'll need to add a little color without investing in colorful annuals that have a short seasonal life and need to be watered.

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