Sunday, May 19, 2019

Why I Feng Shui in my Garden

Back in the 90's the art of Feng Shui was building interest in the US, but what is it? At it's core, Feng Shui is an ancient art that's been practiced in Asian cultures for over 3,000 years.  It's literal translation feng means "wind" and shui means "water", these two words are associated with good health and good fortune. How one practices Feng Shui is by carefully selecting objects and colors according to the Feng Shui Baqua ( a map that designates areas of your life i.e. health, marriage, career) to encourage the healthy circulation of "Chi" or "energy" in your environment. Encouraging Chi to flow in your space enhances and attracts a positive outcome of what you want and need in your life.

I read everything on Feng Shui as at this time I was still single, so the chapters on enhancing my space to attract a suitable partner were dog-eared.

 I referred to the baqua to set up the marriage section in my bedroom. Rose quartz-pink being one of the assigned Feng Shui colors to the relationship area of the Bagua sat on the night stand. I taped pictures torn from People Magazine  of happy couples in long standing relationships in this corner. And after one false start with the wrong person, Mr. Right actually showed up.  Maybe it's part fate playing a role, maybe it was giving up and asking the Universe to help me embrace singlehood if that was my destiny, but still. . . I wonder.

So this is why I practice Feng Shui inside and especially outside in my yard. The above photo is the marriage corner in our yard. A loving couple of cherubs gaze into each other eyes, two potted plants with red impatiens red being one of the assigned feng shui colors for love, pink and white are the other two, and then there's the elements for each area and the representive element is earth or a light yellowish brown to represent earth, I used egg rocks and a golden yellow birdhouse to reflect this aspect. This vignette is my way of encouraging harmony and discouraging discord in our daily interactions espeically when I want the remote.

Feng Shui is a complex discipline, and there are masters in the field, many consulted by realtors to move unsold properites, or by interior designers for clients seeking tranquility in their home.  Also, the more you read about this ancient art the more you will spot Feng Shui being practiced around you, in fact I understand this is why Tiger Woods signature colors on the course is red and black. If curiosity gets the best of you to delve into this practice for fun, you can start gleaning knowledge on Youtube, if anything it's a fun and fascinating exercise to throw caution to the wind and simply believe in something beyond what's in front of you.

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