Saturday, September 8, 2018

Gratitude for this Delightful but Meaningful Etsy Feedback

Sometimes just a picture will suffice to tell a story. I have a second ETSY shop: SuzanneUrbanArt that I've had little time to nuture until now. Why? I had a day-job and another very busy Esty Shop:
SmirkingGoddessStudio. Writing gag lines takes time, but it seems that creating my whimiscial characters into fun products takes product development and time invested to all new heights. I haven't had the time until now to work on fresh products for my SuzanneUrbanArt shop until now. So when a purchase comes in, and a glowing review for a long neglected shop now coming to life. I am very grateful.  I offer after purchase a coupon to my wonderful art collectors and buyers after sale.

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