Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Day 34 of My #100DayProject Self Challenge-Don't Let Disappointment De-Rail You.

My #100DayProject

Perform one simple task a day to assist me in becoming more creatively productive and consistent in my studio. All tasks can be followed with a reward to encourage consistency.


About three weeks ago, the mother Robin shown in this picture built a nest under our backstairs roof. We use this door frequently and her presence and new home forced us to use another exit so not to disturb this neo-natal nursery project. Adjusting was hard, our dog was confused when we re-directed to exit from the solarium. Unfortunately, due to my ADD tendencies, I'd forget every once in awhile and use the door, Mother Robin would fly away squawking, her husband would appear and keep an eye on me until all calmed down and she'd return. She even became more comfortable with my working close by in the garden and would sit warming her eggs as I dug, and weeded.

But yesterday, whatever happened, Mother Robin abandoned the nest for good. I have to admit I am so disappointed, in fact, sad. I got used to working around her, watching her comfortably settled in and I felt proud that we could accommodate Mother Nature as in this day and age, Mother Nature gets a lot of whacks from profit-driven humans. To do one thing to assist a miraculous natural event in some way, feels good. I don't know what let up to her leaving her nest too soon.


I keep gazing at the nest, hoping she'd return. I considered putting a call out on Facebook for positive thoughts, meditations and prayers that she'd return. I'm plagued with thoughts of what could've been. This is when it hit me, that abandoning a creative project isn't a singular activity, somehow someone else is impacted by your decision, positive energy gets stymied. Fear is usually the force behind this. Fear crushes everything.


Last night I and a neighbor friend of mine presented a project we'd dreamed up to a local Civic Club in hopes of support. As we fielded questions from the audience to assure them we'd done our homework, I noted there were a couple of people who voiced discouraging comments. The more one talked the more I visualized a big bubble of fear hanging over their heads. One person's reasoning just didn't make sense to me, as we met her advice with our research. Despite the kindness we received, I got hung up on what I felt were the few discouraging comments. Come on Suzanne grow up, not everyone is going to like your idea. And maybe down the road they'll change their mind. When I got home I googled: "How to Cope with Naysayers" as I needed to process my frustration with not understanding what I perceived as negative information. Several sites came up, giving advice on how not to be derailed by discouragement, and the one phrase that stuck with me was how closely nay-saying is linked to one's personal fears, and the advice? Don't take on someone else's fears.

Sometimes someone else's fears might be your own inner voice, but fear originates first from something or someone in our environment. I think those with Attention Deficit Disorder absorb others well intended but FEAR-based advice more easily that those without the learning disorder. It's our duty to NOT allow THEIR fear to impact our creative flow. As you never know what might've been.

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